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Admission to Diploma Course

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Rules for Admission

These rules shall apply for admission to Diploma courses as mentioned above.
The candidates seeking admission to the Diploma Course in Engineering and qualified to apply, shall submit their application complete in all respects in the prescribed printed form together with necessary documents to the Principal, Shankarrao Dhawad Polytechnic so as to reach him on or before 3 p.m. of the 15th day from the date of declaration of the result of qualifying examination in the State of Maharashtra. The application must be in candidate's own handwriting and must be signed by candidate himself. The last date of admission will be as prescribed by the Director of Technical Education (M.S.), Mumbai. For each course, the candidate has submit separate Application form.


1) The candidates shall be eligible for admission subject to compliance of all the following conditions.

  • Must have passed qualifying examination viz. The Secondary School Certificate Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education or any other equivalent examination with atleast 50 percent marks (375 out of 750 i.e. these 375 marks without any credit marks if he not Backward class candidate) and atleast 45 percent marks (338 out of 750 i.e. these 338 marks should be basic marks without any credit marks if he is a backward class candidate) who is Domiciled of Maharashtra State only)

  • Must have passed the qualifying examination and with and in:

    1. General Science of Physics and Chemistry.
    2. Elementary Mathematics of Algebra and Geometry.
    3. English.

2) The following categories of candidates shall be eligible even though they may have not passed qualifying examination from any recognized school in Maharashtra as required by Rules B- (1 )(b)

  1. Sons/Daughters of the person domiciled in Maharashtra state-specially on production of certificate of domicile in respect of the father and where the father of the candidate is not alive or has divorced and candidate is staying with his mother, domicile certificate of mother of the candidate should be produced.

  2. Sons / Daughters of Central Govt. employees including defence service personnel who have been transferred to the Maharashtra state, during the last academic year preceding the one in which the admission are effected. Other department of Central Govt. Employees are not included in this category.

  3. For the candidate from outside the state of Maharashtra only few seats are available.

  4. Sons / Daughters of Maharashtra State govt. servants presently posted in the state of Maharashtra who's sons / daughters have passed qualifying examination from institution out side the state of Maharashtra when such Govt. Servant was posted or was on deputation outside the Sate of Maharashtra.

(NOTE:- Theabove Rules are subject to change as per Govt. of Maharashtra.)

C) RESERVATION OF SEATS : - (This is applicable to students of Maharashtra State only).

    1. Seats shall be reserved for Backward Classes in the matter of Polytechnic as per Govt. order issued from time to time. The existing reservation of seats shall be as per Court rule.
    2. The reservation shall be course-wise.
    3. So far as Backward Classes are concerned, they shall produce certificate of their caste from an executive Magistrate authorized by the District Magistrate Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, a person desiring to have caste certificate should apply to any of the authorities mentioned below in writing:
      • For schedule caste converted to Buddhist / S. T. / Vimukta Jatis and Nomadic Tribes and other Backward Classes. Mumbai - Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Mumbai or,' Metropolitan Magistrate authorised by him. Other - Executive Magistrate authorised by District Magistrate of District concerned.
    4. The Caste Certificate shall be in the form appended to these rules and should contain all the details prescribed in the form and should be in the name of the candidate.
    5. Students claiming to belong to categories 5,6 and 7 above will have to furnish evidence to show that they are not excluded as creamy layer as per the relevant orders of Government.

    Seats equal to 15 percent of sanctioned intake capacity for Engineering Course in this institute are reserved for candidate passing.
    • S.S.C. exam, from the School in Maharashtra State with Technical Subjects and Securing 50% or more marks (for B.C. and open category both.)
    • Higher Secondary Certificate Examination of the Vidarbha Board of Secondary Certificate conducted for Maharashtra (at the end of X Std.) Technical Subjects and securing 50% or. more marks.

    Candidates who have passed S.S.C. Examination (under the old pattern at the end of X Std.) of the Pune Divisional Board of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education in case of the following subjects shall be considered to,have passed the S.S.C. examination with Technical Subjects namely,

    1. Algebra and Geometry of Elementary Mathematics
    2. English
    3. Hindi
    4. Regional Language or mother Tongue
    5. Physics and Chemistry of General Science.
    6. Geometrical and Machine Drawing
    7. Workshop Technology (Grade-1) and
    8. Any of the remaining Technical Subject that can be offered namely Elements of | Electrical Engineering, Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Workshop Technology (Grade-2), Woodwork technology, Building Construction and Materials, Furniture, Design and Estimating, Radio Engineering, Candidates passing S.S.C. examination of M.S. Board of Secondary Education from Marathwada and Vidarbha regions, with the prescribed Technical subjects for that examination shall be considered as having passed S.S.C. examination with Technical Subjects.

Candidates who have passed S.S.C. examination under the new pattern (end of X Std.) of Maharashtra State board of Secondary Education, held by the Pune Divisional Board or Aurangabad Divisional Board in each of the following subjects shall be considered to have passed the S.S.C. examination with technical subjects.

  1. English
  2. Secondary language or mother tongue
  3. Regional Language or mother tongue
  4. Mathematics ( Algebra & Geometry )
  5. Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
  6. Social Science
  7. Workshop Technology
  8. Engineering Science (Mechanical & Electrical) or Engineering Science (Elect or Radio) or Science (Civil)
Seats for the Backward Classes shall be reserved in proportion in rules (C-1) above in this category also. The reservation for such candidates shall be course-wise in this category. All the, students (open and O.B.C. both) should have secured 50% or more marks (basic marks without \ credit marks).

One percent of the total intake capacity shall be reserved for Physically handicapped students. The candidates will be required to be certified by the Civil Surgeon in the prescribed form certifying candidate's ability to undergo all parts of the syllabus of Theory, Workshop. Practical etc. The admission to the physically handicapped students shall be given strictly on inter-se-merit of physically handicapped students.

Unaided private polytechnics can offer the vacant seats maximum to the extent of 20% of sanctioned intake to students passing qualifying examination and satisfying eligibility condition, form candidates outside state of Maharashtra and not falling under the provision of any other rules, only after exhausting all eligible applicants passing qualifying examination from the institutions, Maharashtra State.

There shall be 30% seats reserved for female candidates in the course where the seats are open for male as well as female candidates. The seats reserved for female candidate shall be further reservations among themselves for the categories mentioned in these rules.

Selection for admission shall be made strictly on the basis of inter-se-merit of the candidates as per procedure in chapter of the inter-se-merit will be determined after taking into account marks obtained at S.S.C. (S Std.) examination out of 750) or equivalent examination.


1. a) No application will be considered unless it is accompanied by the following documents.

    b) FOR ALL CANDIDATES (Including Backward Class candidates): @ 12 PLEFT =

  • Amedical certificate in prescribed pro forma,
  • Certificate of Indian Nationality
  • Certificate of passing of qualifying examination (i.e. S.S.C. or its equivalent examination with true copy of state ment of marks.
  • True copy of School / Institution Leaving Certificate after qualifying examination.
  • Certificate of date of Birth (if the date of birth is not mentioned in the
    School leaving certificate).

In case of candidates claiming weightage, they will have to attach attested copies of the appropriate certificate as specified in Chapter E above.


    • School leaving certificate (after S.S.C. or its equivalent examination).
    • Certificate as specified under rule C-1 above in prescribed form.

          e) For candidates who have not passed S.S.C. / qualifying or both examination from institutions
               in Maharashtra State.

    • Domicile certificate in respect of his father.
    • Certificate from the appropriate authority as specified in rule B-2 above.

f) For children of armed forces personnel transferred to Maharashtra State.

g) For candidates who are children of Central Govt. Employees

    i) Transfer order showing the date of transfer.

h) For candidates claiming seats reserved for physically handicapped.

i) Certificate from the Civil Surgeon regarding physically ability to undergo the diploma Course in the Branch which the candidate seeks the admission.


Form should be attested by the Principal of the school, institute or Gazetted officer or Special Executive Magistrate. Original certificates, if attached to the application will not be returned. Original certificate will have to be produced at the time of scrutiny of the application prior to admission.


  1. Properly and correctly filled in.
  2. Accompanied by the attested copies of the requisite certificate in support of claims made in the application.
  3. Received in the office of the Principal on or before last date prescribed.
  4. The applicable or any of the certificates received after the last date prescribed for this purpose shall not be entertained.

Tuition Fees, Other Fees and Caution Money Deposit: Tuition and caution money fees per student per year for non-government (i.e. private) and non-aided Polytechnics in Maharashtra will be charged by Shikshan Shulk Samiti Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai and other fees will be decided by the Competent authority of the Sanstha, Tuition Fee, Caution Money for other State Students admitted to I, II and III will be charged as per the directives of Directorate of Technical Education and other fees as decided by Sanstha.

If there are changes in the fees from the Govt. Management, it will be may applicable from the date of enforcement of such charges.

Tuition fees and other fees are same as above for second and third year of the respective branches for Maharashtra State students.

Caution money deposits are carried forward from the previous year. Hence, second year I and third year students will have to pay only difference, if any, over the previous years balance of caution money deposit. Fee structure for first year is detailed.

As per Shikshan Shulk Samiti, Mumbai Letter No. SSS/2005/505 Date : 21-10-2005 prescribed fee structure at Shankarrao Dhawad Polytechnic. (For 2005-2006)

A) Tuition Fees     Rs.11, 250/-
B)  Other Fees
  1. Development Fees                                                               
  2. Gymkhana Fees (Identity Card, Magazine, Medical etc.)    
  3. Library Fees                                                                            
  4. Caution Money Deposit for Library and Laboratory refundable
  5. Internet & email facility fee                                                   
  6. Annual Social Gathering & other Cultural Activity fees                               

C) Additional Fees

  1. Cycle/Scooter/Motor cycle stand 


  1. Student while studying in the polytechnic, if found indulging in anti-national activities contrary to the provisions of Acts and Laws enforced by Govt. will be eligible to be expelled from the institute without any notice by the Principal of the Institute.

  2. Candidate applying for admission against the seats reserved for Backward Classes mentioned in these rules should note that only those candidates who actually belong to the caste and communities will be eligible for the concession.

  3. 1) If any of the statement made in application form or any information supplied by the candidates in connection with his her admission is at any time found to be incorrect or false, such candidate will not be considered for admission and if already admitted his/her admission will be canceled, fees will be forfeited and he/she may be expelled from the institute by principal and prosecuted by the Govt. if deemed necessary and appeal against the order of expulsion however, may be preferred within 8 days from the date of letter to the Director of Technical Education whose decision in such case will be final.

    2)The candidate on admission, shall be governed by the rules of the institute and  also by the disciplinary rules prescribed by the institute and Director of Technical Education, M.S.,Mumbai for the students.

  4. The principal reserve the right to strike off the names of the students from the roll if the student remain absent for continuous long period.

  5. For misbehavior of any nature the student would be liable to severe punishment by the Principal at his discretion and he may even be debarred from the institution.

  6. No student will be allowed to appear for the Annual/ Supplementary Technical Board Examination unless.
            a) He has paid all dues
            b) He has completed all the practical record books and submitted term work duly checked and certified by the concerned teacher and
            c)  He has requisite percentage of attendance.

  7. The student should bring their own drawing instruments, record books, log tables, calculators, etc.

  8. The student must attend the college regularly as per time table and in prescribed uniform only.

Direct Admission to Second and Third Year Diploma Courses Rules for Admission

  1. It is compulsory on the part of the student to obtain eligibility certificate issued by R.B.T.E. Nagpur before admission.
  1. After making the transfer of the students, if any vacancy remains within the sanctioned intake, the same may be filled in from the candidate passing the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination with Technical or vocational subject or its equivalent declared by the said Board. Admission will be done as per M.S.B.T.E.D.T.E. directives.
  1. There is 10% reservation for such candidates over and above the sanctioned  intake as per G.R. No. PTI 2097(178/17) TE-2 dated 19 July 1997.

  2. These admissions shall be done, subject to the approval of the Regional Head of the Directorate of Technical Education and by the Head of the institution.

  3. Facility for Double Diploma is available.    
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