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Shankarrao Dhawad Polytechnic

Courses offered at Shankarrao Dhawad Polytechnica College, Nagpur

The Industrial Development in Vidarbha Region is significant in large and medium scale industries. Industrial units in the area of Electronics, Automobile, Chemical & Electrical are being setup in this region as well as lot of constructional activity is also going on to support the industrial development.

The demand for trained and qualified technicians is ever increasing in this field and bearing this in mind Shankarrao Dhawad Polytechnic offers the following Diploma courses.

1) Electronics & TeleCommunication (60 seats) [Branch Code : 423237210]
With the increasing demands in the field of telephones and satellites this course offers job opportunities in the area. The students taking this course is adequately trained in Telecommunication Electronics & Microprocessors. The student can have job opportunities in Telecommunication department, C-DOT and many private industries like Tata Indicom, Meltron, etc. Students can start their own servicing center to achieve self employment.

2) Electrical Engineering (60 seats) [Branch Code : 423229310]
It is also conventional course introduced by the Board and provide opportunities in the State Electricity Board as well as Electrical Industries. Electrical Engineers are also recruited by all types of industries in their maintenance department. This branch also provides self employment opportunities.

3) Mechanical Engineering (60 seats) [Branch Code : 423261210]
This is a conventional course introduced by the Board and provide infinite numbers of job opportunities in industries. Big industrial estate is coming up in Butibori, Nagpur having vast potential of development. The Mechanical Engineering shall prove to be the back bone of this industries. There is scope of self employment and they can avail benefits of Govt. schemes to start their own Industrial Units.

4) Information Technology (60 seats) [Branch Code : 423224610]
In view of the recent changes in the National Policies and economical liberalization and due to the competitive environment the technical education had undergone a year change. The advent of Information Technology and sophisticated software has made greatest impact all over the world. Information technology today play a vital role in all branches of engineering. IT industry in India continue to grow at rocket speed. The Government has setup a National Task Force considering the importance of IT. Today IT industry is creating many more jobs than many other industries.

TATA CONSULTANCY & WIPRO has manpower much more put together than any traditional factory. The world class service is at door step only because of Information Technology.

5) Computer Technology (30 seats) [Branch Code : 423225110]
The institute also offers Diploma course in Computer Technology. The college is well equipped with computer lab with latest computers systems. The demand for Computer Technology Diploma students is very high in Industry. The college offers 30 seats in Computer Technology Diploma Course.
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